Medical Practice Startup Consultant in Dallas, TX

Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting knows that physicians and physician groups open new medical clinics in order to provide the healthcare. Consistently high-quality care is essential to residents in every community. However, your new practice also requires attention to the business side of medicine.

If the business side of healthcare fails, the medical practice will fail and the community loses a valuable asset. The business experts at Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting do on-site consulting to help you through the complexities of opening a medical practice within a 150-mile radius of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Clinical Operations Set-Up

Each new medical practice must have in place systems and policies to ensure quality patient care. This is the fundamental item for a successful new medical practice. Some of the clinical services we offer can help with:

  • Compliance Issues
  • Day-to-Day Operations Setup
  • Human Resources
  • Policies and Procedures

Health Information Technology

Keeping track of your patients and practice is not only critical for success; it is required by various governing boards. Each clinic must have proper HIPPA-compliant software and procedures to manage patient information. Some of the solutions we provide:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Practice Management Software
  • HIPPA Compliance

Financial Management

We recognize that financial management and cash flow are critical to sustain a successful medical practice. Unfortunately, this is one of the aspects most physicians overlook when starting a new medical practice. Some of our extensive services include:

  • Billing & Collections
  • Medical Coding
  • Payroll & Bookkeeping
  • Past-Due Collections
  • Fee Schedule
  • Recovery Audit Solutions
  • Software


Opening a new medical practice is both exciting and challenging. Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting has the experience and expertise to get you started on the right foot in the DFW area and beyond.

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