Consulting Services for Medical Offices

Practices Rely on Experts in Healthcare Management

Just as no two patients are exactly the same, one medical practice can differ greatly from another. The team at Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting in Dallas understands the many complexities of operating a successful medical practice, and they take the time to work with physicians to examine their individual business needs. Accurate assessment and diagnosis are key before we work together to recommend effective solutions for your medical practice. Let us get started. Our Medical Office Management Consulting is for:

  • New Practice Development for Solo or Group
  • Medical Practice Evaluation
  • Quickbooks-Integrated Bookkeeping/Payroll

Our Practice Management Services are the following:

  • On-Site Evaluation of Policies, Procedures,
  • Defined Protocols
  • Fee Schedule Evaluation
  • Insurance Allowable Reimbursement Assessment
  • Compliance Review
  • Human Resources

For more information about Legacy’s practice management consulting services, call 214-239-4500 or contact our online.

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