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Medical Billing and Practice Management Services

Is Outsourcing Right For You?

Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting has become one of the leaders in providing key services to help medical practices run and operate efficiently in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Those services fall under two primary categories:

Non-payment of service due to inadequate coding, billing errors and insufficient follow-up cause many practices to receive only an estimated 70% of revenue.  With declining reimbursements and increased regulatory guidelines, are you willing to accept additional losses?

Legacy Medical Billing can help prevent excessive loss of revenue. We provide affordable, high-quality services and a diverse team of medical coding, billing, collection and management specialists. Whether its billing and collecting, or practice management, Legacy Medical Billing and Consulting offer affordable, effective solutions to the many challenges facing medical professionals today.

Consulting Team With 40+ Years of Industry Experience

Just as medical professionals spend years of time and effort to become qualified in their specialties, the team at Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting also gained expertise by successfully working in practice management in a wide variety of medical office settings.

We understand that improved efficiency and productivity can add up to increased revenue and profitable growth for a practice. Managing your practice better translates into better health care for your patients and greatly increased satisfaction ratings for both the doctors and the patients.


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Practice Management Services

Consulting Services

These are just some of the services offered to solo and group medical practices. Call or contact Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting online for a detailed assessment of your facilities, individual needs, and how we can help. We provide on-site consulting and new practice setups in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, but most other services are available to health care businesses nationwide.