Medical Billing & Collections Services

One of the basic realities of any business is that you must get paid for any products or services rendered. Unfortunately, a lot of work is required behind the scenes to set prices, collect payment, and keep accurate records, and the steps are not always simple. Medical billing and collections issues become even more complex with the additional challenges of health insurance, medical coding, HIPAA and electronic health records (EHR), among others.

Diagram of our Full Service Billing Process:

Medical Billing Process

Outsourcing your medical billing processes to a qualified, affordable service through Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting makes good business sense for medical practices nationwide. We also value security, organization and profitability. We bring solo physicians and group practices a variety of medical billing service options to meet your individual needs. With our diverse team of specialists – medical coding, billing, collections, data entry, EHR, etc. – revenue flows smoothly with less danger of lost revenue.

Problems Solved Through Improved Medical Billing Practices:

  • STOP Coding Errors
  • AVOID Data Entry Mistakes
  • NO MORE Delayed Billing
  • CORRECT Insufficient Patient Follow-Up
  • STOP Noncompliance with Regulations
  • REDUCE Overhead

Legacy Medical Billing & Consulting provides a valuable selection of nationwide billing services designed to save your practice time and money. You no longer have to deal with the frustration or complications of medical billing in your facility. By outsourcing billing and collections, your practice can maximize office space for more important revenue-producing activities that focus on delivering quality health care to your patients. Our fees are based on each individual practice volume, provider specialty and the scope of services you want from our expert billing/collections team.

 Full-Service Billing Includes:

  • EHR interface, scan and email documents or pick-up by courier
  • Interface with electronic health record systems
  • Review and data entry
  • CPT / ICD10 coding
  • Charge entry
  • Transmission of electronic claims
  • Payment entry
  • Claim follow-up/appeals
  • Patient billing
  • Collections

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